By Vince Carducci

Labor activist, writer, and Labor Notes co-founder Kim Moody’s book On New Terrain: How Capital is Reshaping the Battleground of Class War offers a trenchant analysis of how the working class might use the vulnerabilities of a restructured capitalism to gain power.

A mega-container ship interrupting the international flow of commercial shipping traffic for almost a week after having run aground in the Suez Canal. Acres of vehicles at American automobile assembly plants that can’t be finished due to a shortage of microchips for their onboard computers. Bloomberg estimated the former to cost the global economy $9.6…

by Joanne Coutts

In 2018, Detroiters approved the creation of a Commission to update our city’s charter. Over the past three years the Commission has met, and listened to, thousands of residents as it gathered information to create a Charter that reflects our priorities. The result, Proposal P, or The People’s Charter, is a value statement for our city that places the People first. It asserts that poverty is not inevitable and Detroiters have rights that our city government must meet. So why are the Mayor and the City Council so afraid of it?

Proposal P requires the city government to be transparent

We have all heard the stories…

by Lauren Trendler

To many people outside of DSA I am the “political friend.” Over the years I have fielded questions such as, “Who should I vote for in this primary or down ballot race?”, “Did Obama really build the cages that Trump filled?” and “What’s wrong with [insert pundit here]?” with the answer typically being “They were mean to Bernie.”

When a running mate is chosen or a Supreme Court seat becomes vacant, my phone blows up. I enjoy this role, but lately I’ve been a little off my game in following national politics. I haven’t paid much attention…

by Vince Carducci

District 6 Board of Police Commissioners: Landis Spencer

City Clerk: Denzel McCampbell

Proposal P “The People’s Charter”: Vote “Yes”

Denzel McCampbell for Detroit City Clerk and Landis Spencer for the District 6 seat on the Detroit Board of Police Commissioners (BOPC)

The results of the upcoming City of Detroit elections will affect all Detroiters, but especially people of color and the working class. The Metro Detroit DSA is advocating a more equitable outcome for all residents with its endorsement of the Detroit for All 2021 Slate. The DSA endorses Landis Spencer for the District 6 seat on the Detroit Board of Police Commissioners (BOPC), Denzel McCampbell for Detroit City Clerk, and a “Yes” vote on Proposal P for adoption of a revised Detroit City Charter, also known as the People’s Charter.

Candidate Endorsements

Landis Spencer served as co-chair…

by Jane Slaughter

Danielle Aubert, new president of the faculty and academic staff union at Wayne State

In April Detroit DSA member Danielle Aubert was elected president of the faculty and academic staff union at Wayne State, running on a platform of more member activism, a transparent union, protecting job security, and resisting piled-on workloads.

Aubert won 329–298 against incumbent Charlie Parrish, who had been a union officer since the 1980s. It was the first time in over a decade there had been a contested race for president of the American Association of University Professors-American Federation of Teachers local (AAUP-AFT), which represents 1,700 faculty and academic staff. …

Detroit Democratic Socialists of America

The Detroit chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America, join us:

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