by Will Froberg

At 9:00 am Tuesday anti-police protesters gathered at Belle Isle to protest James Craig’s official announcement that he will run for governor of Michigan as a Republican in 2022. Marching felt like a hip-hop concert, with Detroit Will Breathe members leading chants through loudspeakers and megaphones.

DWB leader Lloyd Simpson speaking about police violence and James Craig’s failures as Detroit police chief.

The suits attending Craig’s speech as supporters paid no attention to the protestors and continued their conversations — many even turned their backs. …

by Adi T.

“While this campaign is coming to an end, our movement is not.”

The author

Those were the piercing words I heard in the early months of 2020. After moving to another city for work, I was in the midst of trying to figure my life out again and living alone and isolated. I told myself things had to get better, and I wouldn’t let more days slip away from me.

Even still, I found myself increasingly separated by work, time commitments, and my own ability to be incredibly flaky when it came to trying to rebuild old bridges. Nonetheless…

by Jane Slaughter & Chris Viola, UAW Local 22, Detroit DSA Member

UAWD Chair Scott Houldieson, Dianne Feeley, UAWD Recording Secretary Chris Budnick, Judy Wraight, Darius Shannon, UAWD Financial Secretary Eric Truss, Wendy Thompson, Jane Slaughter, Sean Cristofori

When huge scandals came to light in the UAW, with top leaders stealing millions of dollars, what was the remedy? In addition to jail time for union officials and a few management counterparts, the U.S. Department of Justice decided to monitor the union for six years. But a structural solution was needed. The government looked back to the 1980s, when the Teamsters were under investigation by the Feds. The parties arrived at a consent decree that gave Teamster members, for the first time, the right to vote on…

by Courtney Smith

The author with Bernie Sanders.

I had just finished running a lap around the lake, sweat dripping down my forehead and my breath still trying to catch up with me, when I got the email from HR requesting more information about my assault charge.

HR wanted information because I was about to be promoted at my job, an after-school program teaching elementary students how to read, write and perform poetry. I had been there for three years and would finally be getting the pay and title I deserved. …

by Will Froberg

A People’s History of Detroit, written by Mark Jay and Philip Conklin, provides an essential analysis of the effects of capitalism in Detroit from 1913 to 2019. Arguments are explained with nuance, mirroring the complexity of the issues discussed. This well-researched book then backs up its arguments with piercing facts and statistical insights at every turn.

In chapter 1, the authors argue that, “…the disparity between investment Downtown and dispossession in the neighborhoods that has produced the ‘Two Detroits’ consensus in fact represent two components of a dialectical unity: redevelopment and austerity are not distinct processes but…

by Adi T. and Rezvan S. on behalf of the MDDSA Convention Delegation Team

Amid the ravages of the pandemic, and the uncertainty of the present moment, the 2021 DSA Convention kicked off online, with the many voices from DSA chapters across the country coming together to discuss our many proposed resolutions, changes to the national organization’s constitution and bylaws, and electing a new National Political Committee (NPC) that will serve as the highest decision-making body in DSA between conventions. Your chapter delegation can affirm it had indeed done everything it could to speak in the best interests of our…

Detroit Democratic Socialists of America

The Detroit chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America, join us:

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