by Vince Carducci

Recent contract negotiations at three local universities revealed that the Ivory Tower is as much a site of class struggle as the factory floor.

From the left: DSA members Danielle Aubert, Courtney Smith, and Randall Wyatt were joined by Oakland University student and YDSA member Kayla Sharpe in discussing contract bargaining at Wayne State, U of M, and Oakland University, at the September DSA Meeting (Photo: Vince Carducci).

At the Detroit DSA Meeting September 11, comrades heard about contract negotiations then underway at Wayne State, Oakland University, and University of Michigan…

by David Elsila

What is a socialist trade-unionist?

Milt Tambor sets out to answer that question in his memoir, A Democratic Socialist’s Fifty-Year Adventure (Fulton Books, 2021). …

by Will Froberg

At 9:00 am Tuesday anti-police protesters gathered at Belle Isle to protest James Craig’s official announcement that he will run for governor of Michigan as a Republican in 2022. Marching felt like a hip-hop concert, with Detroit Will Breathe members leading chants through loudspeakers and megaphones.

DWB leader Lloyd Simpson speaking about police violence and James Craig’s failures as Detroit police chief.


by Adi T.

“While this campaign is coming to an end, our movement is not.”

The author

Those were the piercing words I heard in the early months of 2020. After moving to another city for work, I was in the midst of trying to figure my life out again and living…

by Jane Slaughter & Chris Viola, UAW Local 22, Detroit DSA Member

UAWD Chair Scott Houldieson, Dianne Feeley, UAWD Recording Secretary Chris Budnick, Judy Wraight, Darius Shannon, UAWD Financial Secretary Eric Truss, Wendy Thompson, Jane Slaughter, Sean Cristofori

When huge scandals came to light in the UAW, with top leaders stealing millions of dollars, what was the remedy? In addition to jail time for union officials and a few management counterparts, the U.S. Department of Justice…

by Courtney Smith

The author with Bernie Sanders.

I had just finished running a lap around the lake, sweat dripping down my forehead and my breath still trying to catch up with me, when I got the email from HR requesting more information about my assault charge.

HR wanted information because I was about…

Detroit Democratic Socialists of America

The Detroit chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America, join us:

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